We help Software Engineers Become Software Entrepreneurs by Engineering Systems That Make Money.

Cloud • Native • Entrepreneur

  1. A software engineer who uses Cloud Native engineering skillsets and technologies to build revenue producing systems

The goal of Cloud Native Entrepreneur is to help software engineers create revenue producing systems by leveraging cloud native engineering techniques.

I have a whole origin story on the about page of how I learned about the things I’ve learned.

tl;dr; There are system designed to make money, and you should be building them.

There are so many genius software engineers out there who are really super smart, but they are so hyper focused on the enormous amount of time it takes to be that super smart they often do not explore other realms. They think they can just build the next cool tech and be forever cemented as rock stars. Unfortunately, that is not how this works.

In 2020, competition is tough as it’s ever been. The economy is currently on lockdown due to a deadly pandemic. This was never going to be easy. There are no get rich quick schemes… and in the rare cases there are, it’s due to a loophole and it’s only temporary, such as when purchasing links for SEO made sense a few years ago.

There are, however, systems, which serve specific roles and purposes to create a sustainable, maintainable, organically grown business systems with solid foundations.

I’m not gonna sugar coat it. These systems can get complex, or just take a long time to build.

But luckily, you’re an engineer.

Complex systems is what you do.

Sure, it will take time. There are quite a few systems you’ll need to build, and each of them needs to be built for the system to work as a whole. Rome was not built in a day.

Your first, second, and even third ideas might fail. Even in the Matrix, where Neo is “The One”… even he failed the jump test the first time! Failing is a necessary step in learning.

Knowledge is not power.

Knowledge is only potential power, and it takes action for that knowledge to actually become power.

Learning is in the nuance of undergoing that process, not just listening to what is being taught. Knowledge and power are in actually understanding enough to pull disparate pieces from different fields of study into a single goal - exchanging the value that you uniquely bring to the world in the form of an automated system. This is what business systems really accomplish.

Automating systems is what software engineers do!

An entrepreneur is someone who finds a problem in the world and takes it on. A person who decides “the world needs this problem solved and I’m going to solve it”. It can be anything. The internet brings people together from all over the world. 1000 people at $97/m is a $1M/year business. All you really need is 1000 true fans. You don’t need millions, though with the internet, if that’s what you want, you can certainly achieve that, too. The important thing I think is that it is a problem that is uniquely you and that you thoroughly love and enjoy.

Here’s what I think.

I think you have the willpower to do this. If you’re willing to sit and figure out how Kubernetes works, you’ll enjoy how humans are statistically predicatable and how we can use that math to design business systems.

You’re definitely smart enough, every time you meet a non-engineer they tell you, don’t they?

“Wow, your a software engineer!? You must be really smart!” – Them

You’re definitely creative enough, what is more creative than software engineering? You literally start with nothing and create systems that previously did not exist! There’s even art in CSS and nuances in naming variables!

That’s why I created Cloud Native Entrepreneur - because I’m tired of seeing engineers forget why they started doing this stuff and submitting to a life of golden handcuffs working for MBAs and billionaires.

It’s a culmination of the things I’ve been passionate about in my life and the personally mind-blowing experience of realizing that there have been systems designed to make money all along, I was just focused on the entirely wrong thing.